eBird Tips and Tricks: Carpinteria Birdwatchers meeting for Thursday, May 28

Posted May 25th, 2020 by John Callender

For this week’s Carpinteria Birdwatchers online meeting we’ll return to a subject we’ve done in the past: eBird Tips and Tricks. How to use eBird to research species and locations, how to sign up for your own free eBird account, and how to enter your own checklists.

— John Callender

Links mentioned during the meeting:

  • The Portland Swifts – A video by Julia Chapin showing the nightly roosting of thousands of Vaux’s Swifts at the Chapman School in Portland, OR, in September, 2013.
  • https://ebird.org/home – The eBird website.
  • Download eBird mobile – Link to a page which in turn links to download URLs for the eBird mobile app at Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  • How to Count Birds – eBird help document on estimating bird numbers for your checklists
  • eBird Best Practices – eBird help document on recommended practices

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