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South Coast Karate Trails Day

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

William takes karate lessons from Brian Jordan’s South Coast Karate, which is an excellent outfit; highly recommended. Last weekend William and I participated in their annual Trails Day, when they go as a group into the Los Padres National Forest and pick up trash along the Santa Ynez River.

This is the second time we’ve done Trails Day, and it’s a lot of fun, if fairly exhausting. Based on my personal trash haul, some popular things for people to dump near the day use areas along Gibralter Road include:

  • beer bottles
  • beer cans
  • tequila bottles
  • styrofoam cups and plates
  • disposable diapers
  • clothing (teeshirt, socks, underwear)
  • one plastic Easter egg, intact, with a piece of candy and a quarter inside

I got pretty tired out from the hot sun, but William and his buddies were smarter: After we got done picking up trash they changed into their bathing suits and went for a swim here: