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Posted May 1st, 2018 by John Callender


Swainson’s Thrush
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 1


My friend Eric told me he’d seen Swainson’s Thrush in Carpinteria Creek near Lillingston Canyon Road, so today I did the crack-of-dawn thing, dropping into the creekbed and walking along it for a mile and a half. I saw lots of great birds, including three Swainson’s Thrushes, the last of which posed politely and turned several times so I could appreciate it from all angles.

I also saw a couple of Purple Martins flying by with a flock of swallows, which was neat even though I’d already seen them this year, and something truly adorable: A female Anna’s Hummingbird bathing in the creek by hovering and lowering herself slowly into the water while paddling upstream with her tiny feet.

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